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I just have to let you know, I am feeling wonderful today. Last night I slept through the night with virtually no interruptions of back pain or hot flashes. I felt wonderful this morning and was able to roll over without pain in my back. I got out of bed this morning with NO stiffness or pain in my back, feet and ankles. I felt like a whole new person and my fiance' noticed my improved mood as well. - CP
I was so pleased with how calm and centered I felt after my visit with Victoria. She is knowledgeable, insightful, and kind. I have reccommended her services to friends and family. Cera McMiller
My experience with aromatherapy was limited and largely unknown until I met Victoria.  Then, my view of the science completely changed after working with her for a few sessions.  She is a marvel and knows her topic so well.  I feel completely at ease with her and I have trusted her abilities to heal me at my core.  She has been a remarkably warm and engaging person who has helped me through some extremely challenging times.  She is a true gem.
Chris F
Victoria, your gifts are truly amazing. The healing that takes place in a session with you seems like so much more than energy healing. For anyone considering taking the time for themselves, or someone they love, it is worth it. You are incredibly blessed and we can all use more of your light to help us heal.
Kim P
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Custom Spirit Essences: Click here to learn more!
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