Non Toxic Cleaning Recipes
Always recycle containers, but to avoid accidental consumption or contamination, NEVER reuse food or petroleum containers for cleaning supplies.

Clearly Mark All Containers & Keep Out of Reach of Children

Mark your cleaning containers.  Any cleaning product that is ingested should immediately be reported to your poison control center for further instruction.  Since these cleaning recipes are non-toxic, have ingredients ready and available to AVOID unnecessary invasive procedures.
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Mix Borax in Vinegar.  Shake, and then add the essential oil.  Shake again and set overnight.  Shake well then fill the rest of the sprayer with warm water.  A tsp. of Castile may be added if more of a lather is desired.  Label the bottle and shake well before every use.

This spray works well to clean the bath and shower and you can also sprinkle baking soda
on as a light abrasive, and it will not scratch surfaces.

Streakless Windows
Simply wash with a mixture of equal parts of white distilled vinegar and warm water. 
Old newspaper is great to clean windows (be sure to wear gloves) and a good way to
recycle the paper.  Dry with a soft cloth.  This solution will make your windows gleam
and will not leave the usual film or streaks on the glass.
All Purpose Cleaning Spray
Antibacterial, Antifungal, Disinfectant, Antiviral, and Insecticidal
16 oz. Vinegar,
16 oz. Water,
1 tsp. Borax
10 drops Essential Oil of Peppermint,
5 drops of Essential Oil of Thyme,
15 drops of Essential Oil of Tea Tree
Water or Alcohol Marks on Wood
Stubborn rings resulting from wet glasses being placed on wood furniture may be
removed by rubbing with a mixture of equal parts of white distilled vinegar and olive oil. 
Rub with the grain and polish for the best results. 
Wood Polish
Jojoba oil is a wonderful polish for wood surfaces and since it is technically a wax,
it also serves as a protectorate superior to commercial wood polishes.  For that lemon
fresh smell, add a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil to ¼ cup of Jojoba or Olive Oil.
Floor Cleaner
4 cups of Vinegar,
2 gallons of hot water,
2 tablespoons of liquid Castile,
20 drops of Eucalyptus or Pine, or 10 drops of each.
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
2 Cups Vinegar,
10 drops your choice of Tea Tree or Eucalyptus Essential Oil,
3 drops of Lemon Essential Oil,
½ cup Baking Soda,
½ cup Borax
Allow to foam.  Scrub with a toilet brush.  This recipe works best if you can pour in the ingredients just before bed and then allow it to sit overnight and scrub the next morning.
Clean and Disinfect Wood Cutting Boards
Wipe with full strength, white distilled vinegar.  I also keep a separate sprayer of Hydrogen Peroxide to spray all cutting boards and wipe down (which according to University of Nebraska scientist, Susan Sumner, is effective even against E.coli).
Coffee Maker Cleaner (automatic)
White distilled vinegar can help to dissolve mineral deposits that collect in automatic drip coffee makers from hard water.  Fill the reservoir with white distilled vinegar and run it through a brewing cycle.  Rinse thoroughly with water when the cycle is finished and run through a cycle of fresh water.  (Be sure to check the owner’s manual for specific instructions).
Brass Polish
Brass, copper, and pewter will shine if cleaned with the following mixture:
Dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of white distilled vinegar and stir in enough flour to make a paste.  Apply paste to the metals and let it stand for about 15 minutes.  Rinse with clean, warm water and polish until dry.
Ant Deterrent
Ant invasions can sometimes be deterred by washing counter tops, cabinets and floors with white distilled vinegar and 7 drops Geranium, and 7 drops Peppermint Essential Oils.  I also found that adding a tablespoon of Borax to the all purpose spray cleaner works wonderfully to control ants and kitchen pests.
As Aromatherapists, those of us who have oils that may be approaching expiration,
we can always make good use of them as additions to our cleaning products!