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SpiritEssenceEyeAfter years of research and experience as a Holistic Practitioner and aromatherapy specialist, I have developed a color test which I have found to be very accurate and helpful in assessing the state of well-being of my clients.

Based on my analysis of this test, I will e-mail you a 2-page report of my findings, with specific recommendations for ways to address issues that are revealed. This analysis takes quite a bit of time and expertise.

I charge only $15 for performing this analysis, and this fee can be applied to any treatment booked within three months of taking the test.

I use the insight from this personal analysis to guide me when developing a treatment program for each client. I design highly customized treatment sessions for each individual.

In addition, I use this analysis to create an aromatherapeutic blend, your own “Spirit Essence,” to address your unique underlying issues.

When recommending a treatment or wellness program, I integrate your Spirit Essence with an individualized combination of both ancient and contemporary energy modalities such as reflexology, acupressure, microcurrent, nutrition and color light therapy which I feel will help bring you into a state of balance and well-being. Benefits are noticeable after one treatment; however, optimal and more lasting results are best achieved with a short series of treatments.

Click here to review more information about the treatments I provide, or click the Book Now button above to pay for your analysis and be taken to the color test.