Facial Rejuvenation Without Surgery, Needles, Redness, Flaking, Downtime or Discomfort.
Vscentials utilizes Energy Light Rejuvenation™ (ELR), which is the future of skincare technology. Developed according to the principles of Chinese medicine by Darren Starwynn, O.M.D., ELR™ works in harmony with the natural energy systems of  the body. ELR™’s exclusive combination of Microcurrent and Therapeutic Light and Color (Microlight) re-educates facial muscles and addresses the underlying causes of visible aging.
Facial Rejuvenation can help:

          • Encourage Collagen Production
          • Smooth Fine Lines & Wrinkles
          • Firms Skin Tone
          • Improve Skin Texture
          • Diminish Blemishes and Breakouts
          • Minimize Puffiness and Inflammation
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