The History of Intrigue
Since the beginning of time the delicate and powerful fragrances of botanical essences have been cherished and utilized for everything from ritual incense offered to the gods to the embalming and mummification of royalty before the body was adorned and laid to rest in the richly decorated sarcophagus.  Herbal, floral and spices essences are known to preserve human tissue for thousands of years.  So just think what whole natural essential oils can do for living skin cells!
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It was believed that the quintessence or spirit energy of the plant pleased the gods and helped to protect and transport the soul to the next world. 
Throughout ancient Greece and Rome precious aromatic oils carried by newly explored spice trade routes were the most highly sought after luxuries of the privileged, while even the disengaged harvested local sage brush and common weeds as daily necessity for health and hygiene.
The legend of Cleopatra’s femme fatale appeal was largely attributed to her understanding and command of perfumes.  She was known to soak rose petals in oils that she lathered her body with and had hand maidens fan the perfumes of her flower bowls upon her approach to entice her lovers, a tactic that brought down kings and earned her the role of the strategic seductress of eternity.
Throughout the many ages it has always been that she  who knows the secret of capturing scent is either thought to be a sorceress or goddess depending on her status and place in the timeline of history.  Regardless of whether she of he was feared or revered, the keeper of the perfumes and fragrance was known to yield certain power.  To be sure, quintessence refers to the essential immortal substance of all living things, and the ethereal spirit of precious botanical aromas has always been at the heart of the alchemist’s magic and mystery.  It is possible that there may have been some instinctual
Throughout recorded history, humans have been poignantly aware of the marked affects that scented plants have on the mind, body and emotions.  Indeed, the very epitome of medicine was birthed through the use of plants and herbs.  As humans we have a great deal more in common with plants and the essentials oils that come from them than may be realized.  We are both alive in a chemical and electrical sense.  We are completely reliant on them for our very existence.  We eat plants and or the animals that must eat plants to survive and breath air made possible only by plants.  The chemical composition of the DNA in plants is virtually the same as our own.
understanding of the influences that odiferous substances yield over he mind, body and yes, even the heart and perhaps the soul?  One can hardly ready a poem or play, let alone view a portrait or painting from centuries past that are not infused with the preeminence of rhymes lamenting fragrant essences and scenes of floral bouquets.