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Victoria Bender
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Tom brings passion, precision and humor to the Holistic Center that he shares with his
wife.  His holistic massage therapies are universally integrated from both ancient and
contemporary arts and sciences to balance mind, body and spirit.  His managerial
history of designing and implementing a successful corporate wide work program for
disabled adults, along with his volunteer efforts with the Massachusetts Association
for the Blind and his dedicated work with young athletes leaves him with great
compassion and also with a deep understanding of the more subtle energetic
tendencies of both mind and body. 
Victoria Bender, Owner
Victoria is a certified Natural Health Practitioner, Honors Graduate of the American
College of Health Sciences with Master Certifications in Aromatherapy, Reflexology,
Shiatsu, has formally studied Psychology and Organic Chemistry. Victoria also worked
in the nutritional industry for over 17 years.
Victoria is currently collaborating on a book with renowned writer and industry
innovator, Dr. Darren Starwyn.

Tom Bender, LMT
Tom is a dedicated family man, entrepreneur
and bio-energetic massage therapist specializing
in deep tissue and Swedish massage.