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Victoria Bender
Vscentials - Essential Wellness for Mind, Body & Spirit
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Spirit Essences are complex and sophisticated all natural perfumes that are individually designed by Master
Natural Aromatherapeutic Perfumer, Victoria Bender,
who has employed PsychoSpiritual awakening and Color Analysis for close to 30 years and brings passion and experience with a soulful approach to every creation. 

Each indulgent perfume is accompanied by meditation
and a personal analysis to enhance your perfume
experience as you begin the journey to the ultimate communion of mind, body and spirit that your soul awaits. 

Vscentials offers luxurious Spirit Essences that are individually created just for you. Learn how our individually blended perfumes can help achieve a joyful, focused and balanced day. 

Take your Spirit Essence Analysis now, to uncover the amazing benefit of Spirit Essences. Then set up an appointment to review and purchase an ounce or two of your custom blended Spirit Essence.

Victoria Bender NHP, CMA, CR
Master Organic Perfumer

Working as an Organic Perfumer for nearly two decades, Victoria Bender understands, thoroughly, how to fashion the ideal Spiritual Perfume to enhance your personal essence. 

Victoria has also been called on by some of the most sought after healing specialists to share her Perfumer expertise.

A passionate and engaging speaker, Victoria loves to share her extensive knowledge of perfumery, aromatherapy, and integrated healthcare.
To book Victoria to speak at an event, or for an unforgettable houseparty, please contact us

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