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Victoria Bender
Vscentials - Essential Wellness for Mind, Body & Spirit
412 Lakeview Drive, Hampstead, NC 28443
Contact us: Victoria@Vscentials.com
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"Victoria is a very skilled, compassionate and innovative holistic health practitioner. I am very impressed that she learned the PNE Balancing healing method I taught at my seminar she attended in April, 2010 and then rapidly tested it out, improved it and started producing near-miraculous results with her clients. She has taken her drive and organization skills from the corporate world and applied those qualities to her love of healing people on deep levels and used this to become an outstanding practitioner. I invited her to teach her methods at my recent East-West Seminars event in Newark in 2011 and she did a superb job. All the evaluations of her very very positive from the attendees."
Service Category: Instructor at seminar
Year first hired: 2011
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Darren Starwynn

My acupuncturist recommended that I see Victoria because I had some severe cracks on the heels of my feet.  (For 6 months, I tried everything to make them go away.) Victoria accessed the issue with ease.  She knew immediately I was under a tremendous amount of stress.  She also correctly assessed that I was in a lot of emotional pain.  Within two treatments, Victoria was able to relieve the stress and emotional pain with all of the methods at her disposal.  She was also able to eliminate all of the depression that I was experiencing at the time.  I couldn’t believe it.  Friends and family couldn’t believe it.  They could see that I was transforming into a much happier and healthier human being.  I have NEVER felt better.  I am also able to stop taking some of the prescribed medications.  After checking with my PCP, of course.  (Never stop taking prescribed medications with your medical doctor’s knowledge and consent.)
I am continuing with Victoria’s treatments.  The cracks on my heels are fusing together and look much better.  I also feel better than I have in 20 years.  I am happier than I’ve been EVER.  I cannot recommend Victoria enough!!! She is such an incredible healer!
I refer her all the time.

Jacquelyn C. Phelps
CEO, Riphaven Inc.

I was so pleased with how calm and centered I felt after my visit with Victoria. She is knowledgeable, insightful, and kind. I have reccommended her services to friends and family.

Cera McMiller
My experience with aromatherapy was limited and largely unknown until I met Victoria.  Then, my view of the science completely changed after working with her for a few sessions.  She is a marvel and knows her topic so well.  I feel completely at ease with her and I have trusted her abilities to heal me at my core.  She has been a remarkably warm and engaging person who has helped me through some extremely challenging times. 
She is a true gem.

Chris F

Victoria, your gifts are truly amazing. The healing that takes place in a session with you seems like so much more than energy healing. For anyone considering taking the time for themselves, or someone they love, it is worth it. You are incredibly blessed and we can all use more of your light to help us heal.


Victoria's deep understanding of the science behind her services, and her extensive experience enable her to quickly hone in on exactly what is needed for a highly individualized treatment.
Her Life-Balancing treatment was like a "re-set" button, immediately restoring lost energy and providing a deep sense of well-being and balance.  I could not recommend her services more highly!

Sue P, Acton, MA
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